Name: Copper and Brass's Bellarossa 
Callname: Skye
Birthday: 17.08.2002 
Pedigree No.: DRC-T 04-0188
Number of litters:
Father: Lauvstuas Is Caac to Copper and Brass
Mother: Copper and Brass's Vinarossa
High: 48 cm
Weight: 18 kg
Breeding authorization test: Excellent
Breeder: Christel Franco - Copper and Brass
Breeding permission: Deutscher Retriever Club e.V.



Hips: A2
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: clear 22.03.2006
PRA: prcd test PRA A
CEA: carrier



25.07.2003 Apportieringtest Tollerspecialen in Schweden
31.08.2003 companion dog test
14.09.2003 Charakterfest
11.10.2003 Huntingtest (JP/R)
24.07.2004 Breeding authorization test