Name: Gamboling red Lin the Dreamworker
Callname: Lin
Birthday: 30.08.2009
Pedigree No.: DRC-T 09-0470
Father: Vermilion Nash the Dreamworker
Mother: Burning red Sun the Dreamworker
High: 43 cm
Weight: 14 kg
Breeding authorization test: Excellent
Breeder: Sandra & Sascha Fock - the Dreamworker
Breeding permission: -



Hips: A2
Elbows: 0/0
PRA: B (carrier)
CEA: normal/clear
Eyes: clear



14.05.2011 companion dog test
02.07.2011 Charactertest



The 22 months old female behaved very rational in her physical activity.
The playing attitude was shown well.
She's very attentive during the whole test.
Her predatory instinct is in evidence. She carries the prey.
The relationship to her owner is extremely close, her willingness to subordinate is good.
In contact with strangers she behaved a bit reserved.
During the lateral position and the alleyway she is resilient.
She is not gunshy.
She is unimpressed in the acoustical area.
In the optical area she behaved suspiciously but it was possible to bring her close to the objects.

Judge: Klaus Karrenberg


Show-Assessed Merit

Small female. Feminine, expressive head, dark eyes. Very good ear set. Excellent body, beautiful lines and angulations. Spanking movement. Excellent coat, accurate white markings.
Shoulder height: 43cm

Overall evaluation: Excellent

Judge: Mrs. Assenmacher-Feyel